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Editorial Services

If you’ve already got text, I’ll whip it into shape for you. I’ll help you get across the important ideas in ways that inspire the kind of action you need.

Oh, and I make sure the commas are in the right places, too. Nothing undermines a good idea like haphazard grammar!

Newsletters, reports, and articles are just a few of the kinds of materials I edit.


With my help, Cross Roads Camp & Retreat Center produces a semi-annual print newsletter that has two goals: recruiting participants and soliciting donations. Camp staff provide the bare-bones text, and I make it inspiring.

Don’t give up on print! Even millennials say they like the feel of a good printed piece in their hands.

Let me help you find the right combination of content and design to meet your needs.

Image of the cover of the newsletter sample


This report on “Making” in STEM education was written by a research-practice collaborative sponsored by the Exploratorium. It came to me as a mishmash of text in different styles by various collaborators. It was probably easy for the researchers to understand, but it didn’t speak to the out-of-school education practitioners who were the target audience.

Now it does.

I’ve edited hundreds such reports and proposals for research organizations—making the ideas of subject-matter experts accessible to broad audiences. I can do the same for you.

Does your report need help? Let’s talk.
Cover of the Report


You can get a glimpse of how I edit articles by peering into Afterschool Matters, a theory-to-practice journal for out-of-school time practitioners and researchers. Articles come to me in all sorts of states. They might be highly academic research articles or chatty essays from practitioners. They can be well structured or ill, engaging or dull, mostly correct or seriously hard to read.

After I edit, each article retains its author’s voice while conforming to house style and being as useful as possible to afterschool practitioners. In addition to editing, I also manage peer review and production.

How can I help your organization meet your communications needs?
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