Here’s a Little Light in the Darkness

It’s dark. Here on the eastern edge of the Eastern time zone, the sun is rising well after 7 a.m. and setting—well, officially at about 4:30 p.m., but what with the four- and five-story buildings around me, it’s twilight in my office by 4:15.

We’ve got another week of this. And then there’s a day that I think we all can celebrate, no matter what other holidays we might observe in December: the solstice.

Better yet, the day after the solstice. The day when the light starts, ever so slowly, to come back.

Until then, I offer you a few videos and stories that have brought light into my life lately. Most are funny. Some are heartwarming and hopeful. All are SFW (safe for work).

They are my small way of bringing a tiny bit of light into your world during these dark days. Happy Day After Solstice to you!

Professional studio in Barcelona whose designers are people with autism or Down syndrome

Executive director lip-syncs for nonprofit’s fundraising drive. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda does Hamilton in 3 minutes. 

Pizza night on the space station

Did you hear the one about the 22-year-old rapper from Harlem (male, black) who bonded with an 81-year-old retiree in Florida (female, white) over Words with Friends?

A little ice music

Simon’s Cat, my favorite internet cartoon

Homeless man rescues two children from burning building. A chance pick from CNN’s The Good Stuff. Everyday heroism and random acts of kindness do happen – every day. Even today. Even now. Maybe even because you are the perpetrator.


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