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Content Development

Content development means I write the materials for you—email newsletters, websites, brochures, blogs, whatever.

You give me something to start with—a phone conversation, a list of ideas, anything! Then I give you sparkling prose that captures exactly what you meant to say—or, if it doesn’t, I keep trying till you get what you need.

Here are some ways my process can work with email newsletters, website content, and newsletter or blog articles.

Email Newsletter

I wrote marketing e-letters for Events with Ginger & Co. to remind clients and prospects how Ginger & Co. could save them time and money. Just 20 minutes of Ginger’s time would produce a newsletter that showcased her team’s expertise. Here’s what Ginger says about that process.

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Screenshot of the Events with Ginger & Co Email Newsletter

Website Content

Here are a couple of websites I’ve worked on, providing different kinds of rewrite services.

(Remember, websites are living documents! My copy launched these sites, but the clients have been adding their own content since then. This is a great money-saving move if you think you can’t afford my services on an ongoing basis.)

Screenshot of the Wilderness Foundation UK website

For the Wilderness Foundation UK, I transformed dry, nearly academic text into web pages that could bring in both program participants and donor dollars. I also helped with the site navigation, suggesting how to make it easy for users to find the content they came for.

DogMomma had great ideas for raising up healthy and well-behaved dogs, but she needed help keeping to one topic per page and telling the full process of each training maneuver. I read between the lines to give her web pages I am still proud to recommend to my friends.

Screenshot of the DogMomma Website
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Newsletter & Blog Articles

I’ve ghostwritten hundreds, maybe thousands, of articles, columns, and posts for senior leaders of client organizations. I can’t show you a single example because, after all, the executive director or unit leader “wrote” these pieces.

But really, it was me all along. I’d start with text a leader brainstormed—usually pretty messy and jargon-filled—or with a phone conversation. From that I’d write a column or article that communicated the leader’s key messages so every reader could understand.

I can work this magic for you, too!
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